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Miles is the 3rd generation in his family to have run Brownings Garage. He has worked here in Angel, Islington for 20 years and pushed the workshop redevelopment through.  Training has been through Frank Massey (ADS), James Dillon (Technical Topics) and Bosch. He has worked on and repaired a wide spectrum of cars over the years, from vintage Bentley’s through to the latest offerings from VM’s. He raced in the Benjafield 24 hour (his team finishing 5th), the Goodwood sprint in April 2015 and will stubble race in September this year. His favorite jobs are electrical fault finding and engine management system problems.

Brownings Garage Angel Islington Gary


Originally from Marlborough, Gary has been a technician for 11 years, completing his apprenticeship  on cars and HGV’s. He joined the Brownings team in February 2011 and grabs every Land Rover/Range Rover that we have in. He loves bicycles and was in his element at the Benjafield 24 hour race in Portugal. He used to be a county long distance runner for Wiltshire. His claim to fame is that he was runner up for the milky bar kid advert 21 years ago.

Brownings Garage Angel Islington Team Matt


Matt joined in May 2015 as a workshop controller (you’ll probably speak to him when you phone). Originally from Sydney, he started his career as a technician for 5 years with Audi and then moved onto become a parts advisor. We had worked with Matt ordering bits from his old firm and were impressed by his efficiency and accuracy (some parts advisors are a breed unto themselves) and he has become an invaluable team member. Strangely for an Australian he has no interest in Cricket or Rugby.

"Amazing local garage, my car is always in safe hands."

− Sarah Cinnamon

"I have been taking my Land Rover to Miles for over 8 years now, he also maintains my e-type jag, great people, great service."

− Steven Timkins

"Brilliant, just brilliant!"

− Dave
Brownings Garage Angel Islington Team Dave


Originally from Weston-super-mare, Dave completed his apprenticeship at a VW main dealer and worked as a service technician there for 7 years. He joined Brownings Team in April 2007 and is our resident Audi/VW expert and enjoys fault finding. His hobbies are Airsofting and building PC’s.

Brownings Garage Angel accepted into Bosch Training Academy


Michael joined us in July 2014 after 5 weeks work experience. He has just been accepted by Bosch onto their prestigious apprenticeship training course that will last for 3 years.  He is hard working and dedicated and will become a fantastic technician in time. His weakness is biscuits and is aiming to demolish a pack of Jaffa cakes in under 1 min 30 seconds.


Nicole has been a part of our team since September 2014. She is our accounts clerk and office administrator. One day she plans to become mayor of her home town.

Brownings Garage Angel Islington Family Olly


Olly is the biggest softy of the Brownings team – always around to offer a helping paw as the chief welcoming committee and workshop mascot.