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Brownings Garage Angel Islington Servicing

We carry out maintenance to manufacturers specification as per the service interval, or can perform an ‘oil, inspection 1 or inspection 2 service’  if required… read more

Brownings Garage Angel Islington Repairs

Repairs (including timing belts, clutches, brake components, service items and electrical components) will generally use manufacturers parts (OE) unless an… read more

Brownings Garage Angel Islington MOT's

Brownings has been a registered MOT test centre since 1978 and tests are conducted 8.30am – 6.00pm, Monday to Friday on our MAHA automated test lane… read more

Brownings Garage Angel Islington Seasonal Checks

For peace of mind between services (especially extended service intervals of 2 years) we can carry out holiday or winter checks. Nothing will be replaced, without customer approval… read more

Brownings Garage Angel Islington Electrical fault finding disagnosis

“I’ve had a diagnostic carried out…..” It usually implies someone has plugged into the OBD socket and checked for stored faults in a particular system. It is the most basic and unskilled… read more

Brownings Garage Angel Islington Air Conditoining

Most modern vehicles come with AC/climate control as standard. A good system will lose 10-15% of its refrigerant every year, (manufacturers release… read more

Brownings Garage Angel Islington Tyres Tracking

We use a Hoffmann Megamount 602 that can easily handle‘Run flat’ tyres, low profile tyres, and delicate wheels up to 20” (21” for inside clamping)… read more


Our 3 phase 22 KW (type 2 socket) Fast Charger is available for secure overnight charging in the workshop. It can deliver up to 80 miles of Range Per Hour (RPH)… read more