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We carry out maintenance to manufacturers specification as per the service interval, or can perform an ‘oil, inspection 1 or inspection 2 service’  if required… read more

Repairs (including timing belts, clutches, brake components, service items and electrical components) will generally use manufacturers parts (OE) unless an… read more

Brownings has been a registered MOT test centre since 1978 and tests are conducted 8.30am – 6.00pm, Monday to Friday on our MAHA automated test lane… read more

We use a Hoffmann Megamount 602 that can easily handle‘Run flat’ tyres, low profile tyres, and delicate wheels up to 20” (21” for inside clamping)… read more


“I’ve had a diagnostic carried out…..” It usually implies someone has plugged into the OBD socket and checked for stored faults in a particular system. It is the most basic and unskilled… read more

Most modern vehicles come with AC/climate control as standard. A good system will lose 10-15% of its refrigerant every year, (manufacturers release… read more

Our 3 phase 22 KW (type 2 socket) Fast Charger is available for secure overnight charging in the workshop. It can deliver up to 80 miles of Range Per Hour (RPH)… read more