Brownings Garage Angel Islington Electrical fault finding disagnosis

“I’ve had a electronic diagnostic carried out…..” It usually implies someone has plugged into the OBD socket and checked for stored faults in a particular system. It is the most basic and unskilled part of the diagnostic process and is the vehicles ‘best guess’ at what a particular fault is. It can be correct, however pressure/vacuum leaks, hydraulics, mechanicals, voltage drop, water ingress, heat damage and interference from associated systems can all affect a sensor or actuators functionality that has been stored as faulty.

Brownings use Autologic and Autodiagnos as our electronic diagnostic platforms for scanning, live data analysis and reprogramming. Smoke Pro, Pico oscilloscopes, Pressure/vacuum gauges, and digital multi meters amongst other tools to diagnose the cause not the effect of the problem.

Our Autologic Assist Plus platform for scanning,
live data analysis and reprogramming

Brownings Garage Angel Islington Technology Autologic

Our Smoke Pro® Total-Tech®,
the world’s leading diagnostic leak detector

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