Car of the Month: We couldn’t decide!

By September 1, 2016December 4th, 2020Brownings News


It has been difficult this month to chose one particular vehicle that has stood out for us, and we couldn’t quite decide which was the ‘stand out car’, so we’ve short listed three.  Each presented different challenges but were pleasures to work on and experience.

Lamborghini  Murcielago 2004 6.2 litre V12.

One of only 40 right hand drive manual cars in the country. It was due to race at Goodwood but was suffering overheating issues – a simple fix, one of the fan motors had failed

Jaguar Mk. 1 E-type

The fascination people have with the E-Type is amazing and evokes more conversations than almost any other vehicle we work on. This one is an amazing example and we aim to make it a little closer to perfect when we’ve finished our jobs.



Corvette C1 1957 V8 (283 cubic inch – 4.6 litre)

It is the first time we’ve seen this beautiful Corvette.  It has a 3 speed manual gearbox and is the owners first car! It is built for the open roads of America not central London and produces around 220 brake horse power (BHP) which is what a modern VW Golf  GTI 2.0 produces.